Knitted Column Packing-Gemini Wiremesh

Knitted Column Packing

Knitted wire mesh column packing is a type of structured packing used in a variety of applications that require high separation efficiency and low pressure drop. The packing is made from multiple strands of fine wire that are knitted together in a tubular pattern and then crimped and layered to create a three-dimensional structure.

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Kg
Material Stainless Steel
Country of Origin Made in India
Grade SS304
Surface Finishing Zinc Coated
Opening 4mm-5mm
Wire Thickness 0.10mm-0.30mm

The multi-strand fine wire construction of the packing provides a high surface area and capillary effect on the descending liquid, which promotes intimate vapor-liquid contact and uniform distribution. This results in a high degree of separation efficiency and minimal pressure drop.

Knitted wire mesh column packing is available in a wide range of metal and alloy materials to suit the specific needs of various industries and applications. The packing is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

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The structured packing is also flexible and can be easily installed into a variety of column configurations. It can be rolled into a single piece, which simplifies the installation process and minimizes the risk of damage during transportation and handling.

Overall, Gemini recommends the knitted wire mesh column packing as a reliable and efficient solution for applications requiring high separation efficiency and low pressure drop.

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