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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not in need of a new supplier, can I still try Gemini once? + -

We would be pleased to schedule a meeting or procurement date with you up to a year in advance, allowing us to prepare for your order promptly without overburdening our staff and resources. Kindly get in touch with us using the contact form above.

What if I don’t see my requirement in your product range? + -

At Gemini, our experts provide free customization and suggestions tailored to your specific requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs and resolve any inquiries you may have.

Is wire mesh environment friendly? + -

Thanks to its various beneficial properties, knitted wire mesh is highly sustainable and helps reduce environmental strain, making our planet a better place to live. At Gemini, we are proud to manufacture such eco-friendly products and do our part in creating a better future.

Isn't shipping from India a little tedious even after the economical rates? + -

Located in Mumbai, we benefit from excellent connectivity to ports, air freight, and road shipping networks, enabling us to minimize vendor-supplier lead time and unnecessary shipping charges, delivering speedily

In a world of uncertain global events how can I be assured of my shipment? + -

At Gemini, we prioritize our staff's well-being and productivity. With fully equipped staff quarters located next to our manufacturing plants and being classified as essential services, we are equipped for with all necessary resources to work towards achieving your goals.

How competitive and economical are Gemini's rates compared to the market? + -

Gemini has consistently offered the most economical and feasible prices even in India's competitive market, prioritizing long-term relationships over short-term profits.